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Kitti Johnson

Heart Led Intuitive Coach & Healer

A starseed, sent here to spread love and light onto earth and to support those whose light has been dimmed; a gold mine of sage wisdom and knowledge, grounded in deep feminine presence, power and authority, Kitti magically weaves ancient wisdom and healing into a tapestry for modern living.


Through the wisdom of our ancestors and Mother Earth, Kitti guides you to gain clarity and confidence in order for you to transform your sacred being into one of eternal light.


The Samadhi Sanctuary

Alchemy * Transformation * Healing

Lost Soul Day

Empowerment Retreat Day for Women who want to make changes to their life but don't know where to start. 

Reclaim Your Essence

How to free yourself from the grip of heartbreak and carve a new path for yourself in three weeks. 

Light UP Your Life

A 90 day 1:1 online healing & coaching program destined to help you find your passion, peace, purpose & joy!

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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