4 Month 1:1 Integrated Mentorship
For Overcoming Anxiety






Do you find yourself QUESTIONING all of your decisions? Unable to take part in SOCIAL OCCASIONS?
SCARED to go to new places? Waking up in a state of FRIGHT?


A JOURNEY to take you from a life filled with ANXIETY and OVERWHELM to a place of CALM. Your days are experienced from a place of EASE AND FLOW, trust in yourself and the ability to enjoy and LOVE YOUR LIFE.


You have a CHOICE. 

You can feel GROUNDED and at PEACE.

You can BREATHE deeply and RELAX.

You can think CLEARLY and CONFIDENTLY make decisions. 

You can feel SAFE and SECURE.

You can TRUST yourself. 

You DESERVE to feel like YOU.

Hi, I'm Kitti Johnson.


I’m not sure when I first realised I suffered with anxiety but I remember when I started to become scared of it…..driving home from aerobics in Scotland. Thinking I’d run someone over because I’d passed 2 cyclists, I turned round and retraced my journey, just to make sure. There was no-one there of course but this was the start of a repeating pattern I just couldn’t seem to shake. 


Fast forward a couple of years and I got used to the stories I used to tell myself to cope, then I met a guy. We soon moved in together. Going to the pub was a big part of his lifestyle and I went along to be with him. That’s when I realised alcohol and anxiety don’t mix. 


A combination of his heavy drinking and a flailing business put a stress on our relationship. He didn’t know how to help me and he didn’t seem to want to understand. We tried counselling but that didn’t help. He was emotionally abusive. I started to believe that all our problems were my fault. The things I thought I’d done that I hadn’t, increased. 


Repeating destructive thought patterns driving me crazy. 

I thought I was going mad. 


After a visit to the doctor I was prescribed anti-depressants and told counselling would be available in 6 months. After going private I realised the counselling and the drugs weren’t really helping so I gave both up and sought out yoga. 


I’d been practising on and off for years. I started going as much as I could afford to, four to five classes a week. 


I went on a retreat. 

I wanted to know more. 

I read articles online. 

I joined a meditation group. 

I built up a toolbox of anxiety remedies.


I was learning how to manage my anxiety my own way. I immersed myself in the ‘spiritual’ community and I haven’t looked back. I trained to be a yoga teacher and healer as a way of paying it forward.


My purpose in life is to help others befriend their anxiety, to learn to love themselves and to be able to live from a place of love instead of fear.


  • 8 sessions of 1:1 integrated intuitive healing, lasting between an hour and two hours.

  • A journaling workbook with intuitive questions for self reflection.

  • A moon salutation yoga flow video to practice to.

  • 4 audio guided meditations for home practice. 1 per month.

  • 4 crystals specific to your own individual needs. 1 per month. 

  • Ongoing email or Voxer support for the duration of the programme.




Uncover the root cause of your anxious behaviour. 

Release behavioural patterns that have been passed down through your ancestors that no longer serve you.

Step into a place of enlightenment and enquiry.

Become aware of repeating patterns and unobserved thoughts that play a destructive part in your day.


At the end of our time together you can expect to FEEL AS THOUGH YOU HAVE A NEW LEASE OF LIFE, a new lust for life. A sense of TRUST IN A HIGHER PURPOSE, feel grounded, FREEDOM from family conditioning, a sense of SELF-TRUST and SELF-LOVE.


The ability to MAKE DECISIONS that serve your highest good and the opportunity to live life from a place of LOVE instead of fear.

The final session will incorporate a rebirthing ceremony where you choose the new beliefs and

core values that you wish to take into your life moving forward, allowing you to be the creator of your own reality. You will know and trust that you are always supported and safe.





Of course you are, you don't want to stay like this forever do you? I know I didn't, I feel you, it sucks!


Take a deep breath and apply below.


To schedule a discovery call, for me to find out where you are and what a transformed life looks like for you. When I work with someone in private mentoring we move into a compassionate, nurturing, sacred space together where magic happens. If you already feel that inner pull, apply now to see if we are an aligned fit for this transformational Mentorship. 


This mentorship only opens twice a year and I only work with 5 clients each time.

Places are limited, don’t miss your chance of happiness.



I was at a very low point in my life...Now 6 months on I feel a lot more positive about my future and far more confident in myself. I would definitely recommend Kitti.


I wanted to break the emotional ties from a past relationship and move on in my life. I found the experience to be both emotional and powerful. Kitti provided a safe caring space for this to happen.


I'm left with a sense of peace and inner energy, to navigate through some changes in both myself and in my life. 

*floats off into a better future*

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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