Hi, I'm Kitti. If you're wondering if there's more to life than the 9-5 and feeling less than in your relationships, then I'm here to tell you there is. Having been in exactly that place, I know what it takes to call up the shadows of the past and face them with courage and without judgement. 


My work is birthed from the depths of my heart. I'm passionate about teaching women how to empower themselves, how to realise they always have a choice; the ability to create their own freedom and their own financial security, so that they can live life to their highest potential

I know how challenging it can feel to change your beliefs. I realise it can come with a lot of judgement from others and a fear of failure. You may not know what it is you do want yet, all you know is you don't want what you've got, and that's a good enough place to start.

Kitti Johnson, the owner and founder of the Samadhi Sanctuary is a shamanic healer, reiki therapist, yoga teacher and creatrix. She's an intuitive healer who fuses the teachings of the Goddess and the rise of the feminine into everyday life.


Through her work with individuals and with groups, Kitti teaches ancient wisdom in a way that is relevant to the present day. Soothing the woes of the modern woman with energy healing, divination, her bespoke blends of essential oils, meditation and yoga, Kitti enables women to empower themselves and to learn how to use their own intuition to tap into their true potential. 

"Thanks to Kitti I feel like have a purpose in life again. I know that I deserve to be happy and I have the tools and the determination to achieve the future that I dream of. I have a new sense of identity and direction with more focus on my needs and my happiness. I am finding myself again. From day one you made me feel completely at ease. I never felt judged or rushed in any way. I was particularly impressed by the sense of empathy that you transpire and the passion and dedication that you deliver in every session. You always made yourself available if I needed any support in between sessions or if I struggled with anything or just needed some moral support." - Anon