A 1:1 90 Day Online Mentorship & Healing Program

Helping women who have recently been through a relationship break up, find themselves again, rebuild their confidence,
discover true happiness and find their purpose in life.


You are a spiritual, creative, single or divorced woman. You're scared that you’ll end up on your own, never meeting anyone who understands you and loves you for who you are. Approaching 40, you never imagined you'd be where you are now, too old to meet your soul mate. 


You’ve had countless relationships, all doomed, you keep moving house and now you feel lost and unsettled.


Your biggest fear is being alone, with no-one to share your life with. 


You wish you were happy in your own company. You wish you accepted yourself as you are and didn’t see yourself as a failure. You wish you loved yourself enough to wait for the right partner to come along who had the same dreams as you, that didn’t want or need to fill a hole in you because you knew what made you happy on the inside. 

Well, with Becoming You, you can!


By exploring repeating patterns in your relationships and then moving through the process of releasing, forgiveness, acceptance and approval, you will shift from the fear of being alone, to a sense of completeness; full of confidence, happy in your own company and with a sense of purpose.

Here's What Your 90 days With Me Will Look Like..

  • You will have one online 1:1 session with me, your teacher, per week, for 12 weeks to provide you with what you need right now to move forward. These sessions will include bespoke healing and 1:1 yoga.

  • You will have an initial 90 minute discovery call to enable me to craft the outline of our time together to ensure maximum results for you in the 90 days. 

  • You will receive a downloadable PDF to accompany each of the coaching sessions (not all sessions are coaching). 

  • You will receive 4 x pre-recorded guided meditations to calm the mind and begin to visualise a new future.

  • You will receive a pre-recorded yoga flow to help you unwind.

  • You will receive a daily journaling prompt message from me. 

  • You will receive a video on how to choose and work with crystals. 

  • You will receive 4 affirmation images for your smartphone

  • You will also have DIRECT ACCESS to me via WhatsApp or Messenger for the duration of the program.

Hi, I'm Kitti! I use all of my skills and wisdom as an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher and yoga instructor, and my own experience of failed relationships, including two marriages, working with women just like you, to help them find themselves again, rebuild their confidence, discover true happiness and find their purpose in life.

It's what I'm good at, I love what I do and I'd love to help you too!

If you are an emotional, fearful, lonely woman, but you long to become strong and confident, and want to fall in love with yourself and discover a new lust for lifeI’d love to work with you. 

Book your free call with me now and take the next step to a happier, more confident you!

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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