Soul Retrievals

Soul retrievals are hugely powerful and transformational in their own right. When we experience pain or trauma we can shut down a part of our soul to protect it. This lost soul part or contract can become forgotten, but become the source of our limiting beliefs around abundance, love and success.  Although we can quite often feel that a part of us is lost, we are unable to put a finger on it. In order to recover our trust in life we must renegotiate obsolete soul contracts and discard limiting beliefs, both of which happen during a soul retrieval journey. The language of a retrieval, full of magic and archetypes connects us with our intuition and love, moving away from the typical intellectual language of therapy and counselling, thereby accomplishing in one session what can other wise take years to achieve.
Soul retrieval sessions are available in the Harrogate area.


Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient form of healing where energy is exchanged via the hands which may be placed on or over the body. The energy is transferred via our seven chakras into the Meridian system, allowing the body systems to rebalance and restore.

As well as a feeling of relaxation and peace during the session, the benefits of Reiki include improved sleep, relief from stress and anxiety, improved concentration, strengthens the immune system and increases the rate of recovery from injury. Many clients fall asleep during the session!
Reiki healing is available in the Harrogate area.


Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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