From My Heart to Yours

Wow, it's been a while hasn't it? Where has a month gone? Well, firstly the man in my life and I went to Norway. Surrounded by snow at every turn it was hard not to feel peaceful and grounded, right to the heart of my soul. The silence lent itself to so much space it felt like opportunity was waiting for us at every turn. Now for someone who tends to fill every waking moment with activity and uplifting music this was a revelation to me! To be able to feel so connected, to source, the universe, the earth beneath my feet and to my beloved, was a truly uplifting experience that not even sub zero temperatures could destroy. We are currently in the midst of creating a beautiful offering to enable you to experience this same feeling of bliss, more details to follow soon...

So, back to reality (with a thump!) and I've noticed I've been feeling really frustrated and irritable with myself lately. It took me a while to check in with that and to uncover where it was coming from but eventually I made some time, lit some candles, sat myself down and tuned in. What came up was a feeling of not being enough, not doing enough, not being good enough, not being worthy. Wow, where did that come from? As a yoga teacher one of the most important messages I try to convey in my classes is about accepting where you are right now. How you're feeling today. You ARE good enough. You ARE worthy. Celebrate you in all your glory, so why was I feeling like this?? I realised I'd slipped back into an old habit of comparing myself to others again. Of wishing I could do this yoga pose, or having that many followers on Instagram. Of thinking I should be there by now, wherever there might be! It's exactly this kind of thinking that gets me stuck in my head, letting that voice inside me tell me I'm not good enough, I'll never make it, who do I think I am anyway? It's the ego trying to keep me small, trying to keep me safe. Well it's time to STOP!

As soon as I realised what was actually going on, I said thank you. Thank you for this opportunity to refocus within. To start to really pay attention to the language I use when I talk about myself. To the thoughts I have about myself. To focus on all the things I have already achieved, how far I've already come and to start being kind to myself again. I'm paying attention to the words I choose. I cocoon my limbs in sweet almond oil laced with rose and lavender every morning, appreciating everything they do for me, the strength and flexibility they possess that allows me to practice the yoga I love. I'm eating healthy nutritious food that feeds my cells. I'm writing in my journal again, committing to paper all the wonderful moments that have occurred in my life that day and I'm telling my beloved how much I love him because he lights up my soul.

So in the build up to Valentines Day and for every day after that, remember you ARE good enough. You ARE enough. You are most definitely WORTHY. You are LOVED. Be careful in choosing your words when you talk about yourself. Feed your soul with whatever lights you up inside and be patient with yourself. Open your heart, shine your light and TRUST. Trust that what your heart desires is waiting for you. Waiting for you to realise you deserve it. It will come. Be ready.

Sending you all the love, in trust and an open heart with you,

Kitti xx

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