Setting the Scene for 2019

The doors of 2019 have opened. We begin to tread lightly into the unknown. Perhaps with an underlying fear of what lies ahead. For some of us the road has already been rocky, hurdles cast into our path, the universe uncovering that which still needs work or healing. Showing us in her own unique way, any remaining blockages that still need to be cleared before the New Moon on Sunday.

One way we can begin to steer our ship is by spending time thinking about how we want to feel in 2019. Having completed my review of 2018, I sat down and wrote a list of things I wanted to do more of this year. Things I wanted to introduce into my life. Goals I wanted to achieve. Habits or projects I wanted to change. Places I want to visit and who I want to spend my time with. In Numerology, 2019 is a 3 year. The 3 is a year of creativity, of connecting to the earth and your physicality. I want to birth lots of new events and workshops this year, I know I want to spend time connecting with my higher self for guidance and then taking the action to bring that into my physical world, but I know that focusing only on goal setting, much like New Year Resolutions, can set us up for disappointment if they don't quite manifest as we want them to.

So you see, there's a much more powerful way to set the scene. A way that invites magic and an element of surprise into your life, it's called Intention setting. Setting your Intention is more about deciding how you want to feel, what attitude you want to adopt, how you want to show up for yourself. It's not as specific as a goal. You set your intention and then allow yourself to be open to how that will show up for you. It may not be in the way that you imagined. It might take you by surprise. Remember that the Universe has clever ways of bringing you what you want so you may find the first couple of months a bit choppy as everything that is not in alignment with your Intention begins to be cleared away, and not always in a subtle fashion! The trick is to remember that everything happens for a reason and to put your trust in the Universe. Even the hardest times are there to teach us something or to change the course of our path if we veer away from the light.

So take your goals and think about why you want to achieve them. How would you feel if you did? This is the underlying drive, this is your intention. For me, I have set my intention that 2019 will be filled with Joy, Fulfilment and Flow. I'm going to print it out and put it somewhere I can see it everyday. I might make a vision board, but I am definitely going to take the actions, the small steps, one at a time, guided by my intuition, towards that intention. This year is going to be awesome because that's the vibration I'm putting out. Remember, 'energy flows where your attention goes'.

Sshh....insider news.... I will be running a Journalling workshop in February so if you want help with setting your intentions or would just like to learn more, please contact me for details. In the meantime, light a candle, put pen to paper and set the scene for your own award winning year.

In the darkness with you,

Kitti xx

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