Take Back Your Power

Five years ago I was married to a man who drank daily and was emotionally abusive towards me, often blaming me for everything he thought was wrong about our lives. During the course of our marriage, the anxiety I’d been living with worsened until it was debilitating. Unfortunately, because I was so emotionally beaten down, I didn’t have the courage to leave him, and eventually, he was the one who left me. After he left, I hit rock bottom. I stopped eating, and couldn't function. I felt numb and was constantly crying. Having temporarily moved back in with my Mum, after a month, I found a new place to live. I started going to yoga four to five times a week and started a daily meditation practice at home. Having gained a little clarity and some peace back in my life, I decided to expand my skills and trained as a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. Little did I know that a week later, I would be in hospital fighting for my life.

Four hours after I was rushed in to hospital I discovered I had a pneumothorax, complicated by internal bleeding. I was rushed to London by ambulance to a surgeon who would save my life. I had no idea at this point if I was going to pull through. Next thing I remember was waking up in the ICU. My wonderful nurse told me that I was extremely lucky because I almost didn’t make it, and that I should celebrate my upcoming 41st birthday with gusto as I’d been given a second chance. When someone tells you that it’s quite hard to ignore and it dawned on me that this was a wake up call, to stop wasting time, to follow my dreams and my passion and to turn my experience into something good. I trained as a yoga teacher and started to give back all of the guidance and help I’d had in my darkest hours. I knew I was no longer willing to waste whatever time I had left being miserable. I knew there was a way to change my lifestyle and to share my experience to inspire others.

Along the way I enrolled in an intense training in shamanic healing, which had a profound effect on me, helping me to clear self sabotaging patterns that prevented me from having a harmonious loving relationship and repeatedly choosing partners that weren’t right for me. Seeing how this pattern had played out in my life over and over and realising that I was responsible for my own choices was so empowering I began to work with private clients going through similar difficult life transitions. I enjoyed enabling other women to become empowered after a life-changing event, particularly divorce, watching the hope and joy slowly return as they began to work on themselves. I also saw the power of integrating multiple healing modalities into a framework for transformation, healing, and the ability to build new belief systems.

My passion and commitment is now in providing truly transformational energetic and spiritual guidance through my online mentorship, “The Art of Living in Alignment’ and through the residential retreats I run with my partner in love and life, Matt. We set up North Star Retreats with a vision of offering a completely new style of retreat experience. With inclusive yoga and healing 1:1 sessions and a bespoke self care follow up package as standard, we offer a bespoke experience that sees you as an individual not as a group. Offering luxury accommodation in carefully chosen locations in Northern Europe, North Star Retreats aren't an escape from every day life, but rather a glimpse into what a life of whole wellness could look like.

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Watching women in their 40s to 60s, who come to me feeling stuck, unfulfilled, anxious and lonely, find peace, fulfilment, joy, purpose and a passion for life and love, truly makes my heart sing. Seeing them gain the sparkle back in their eyes and empowering themselves through new behaviours and beliefs makes me grateful for all the experiences in my own life, for without them I wouldn’t be doing this work.

I firmly believe that we each have a choice. We can choose to become a victim, allowing what happens to us to keep us stuck, or instead, we can choose to learn and grow from our experiences, using them to take our power back, to grow spiritually and to inspire others.

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