Welcome Beautiful Soul!

Through these doors a new world awaits...

Stepping out from underneath my cloak of invisibility I welcome each and every one of you to the sanctuary of the soul.

For months now I've been deliberating on writing a blog. What would I write? Would I be good enough? Who would read it? How long should it be? As many questions as I could think of to stop me from sitting down and actually starting it. Until today. Today felt like the right time. Who cares if I can't get it perfect? Who cares if only one person reads it? What matters is that I write. I write from the heart of my soul. As I sit here the words tumble from my fingers, I can feel my heart beating in my chest, feeling at once anxious and excited that I'm finally here. Here to connect with you. Here to reach out and find my tribe. Here to support you and guide and inspire you. Here to listen. Because that's the point. We're all so busy running around doing the to-do lists, fulfilling the obligations, chasing our tail, that we forget. We forget to stop. We forget to tune in. We forget to listen. Our heart, our soul, our intuition, they all know. They know what we need. They know who we are. They contain all the wisdom we'll ever need if we just stop. Stop. Sit and listen. Place a hand on your heart. Feel your heartbeat. Take a deep breath. Drop down to that space and wait, for deep down inside you already know what you need to know. What will you discover today??

So know truth seeker that I am here. I am willing to listen. My doors are open. Are you ready to discover a whole new world?

Walking the path with you, shining the light,


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