Why You Can't Manifest Miracles - Part 2


I know you’ve reached the moment when enough’s enough. You just can’t take it anymore. The not knowing. The constant quest with unanswered questions. Time is running out! You’ll do anything right now if someone would just put the answer in front of you.

I know that you need to believe that any investment you make right now will help you discover and follow your purpose in order to lead a fulfilled life. You need to believe that the path you choose now is the best choice out there. There IS a better life out there once you take action.

You’ve finally realised that repeating the same stabs in the dark without guidance will just lead you back to where you are now and after all the searching you’ve done you now know that fulfilment does not come from the outside but from within.

I know you have a longing in your heart to find your true purpose. I know you want to feel confident every day and an equal to your peers. I know you want to feel proud of yourself and for your partner to feel proud of you. I know you want everyone to wonder what it is you’re doing to look so gorgeous and glowing! I know you want to reignite the spark in your relationship and for the sexy times to come back. I know you want to feel included and part of something special when you go out with the girls. I know you want to feel confident in yourself and for it to show. I know you want to feel like every day is a gift and to appreciate this beautiful glorious life. Are you ready for the plunge?

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