Why You Can't Manifest Miracles - Part 3

It’s perfectly normal, once you’ve taken the plunge and made the commitment, for fear to step in and rear it’s ugly head. Fear appears when we’re about to do something to change the status quo and as our ego, our mind doesn’t like change it tries to shout louder and louder to keep everything just as it is. Look at it this way, you’re not happy where you are, you’re not happy with the status quo, so when fear creeps in I invite you to see it as a sign, a good sign, that you’re about to embark on an amazing journey that really is going to change the status quo, really is going to improve your life experience, and heck, that’s what you signed up for right? So thank Fear, acknowledge it’s presence and allow yourself to move on, safe in the knowledge that there is goodness where you are headed.

There’s probably going to be a moment too when it all feels too much, too hard, too much like hard work, but would you expect to see the most amazing sunset from the top of the mountain without putting in the effort to climb to the top first? Course not! What you’re doing when you embark on a journey like this is beginning to dig through all the baggage, all the crap of the past that you haven’t quite dealt with yet and that’s not going to be pretty but that’s what I’m here for.

I’ve been there, I’ve faced my own crap, my own baggage and had a long hard look and I can tell you truthfully, the quicker we learn to face our shadows/demons whatever we want to call them, the quicker and easier it is to send them on their way. You can’t climb to the top of the mountain lagging all those bags with you, you’ve got to discard them along the way and that’s what I invite you to do, all the while holding your hand so you don’t fall off. Finding the courage to call yourself out on the disabling beliefs you’ve created or been handed that are stopping you from living your best life is SO empowering. It actually becomes something you look forward to doing :-)

The thing is, once you’ve started this journey you know you’ve made a commitment. You’re all in, two feet in. There’s no going back now. You’re already starting to realise you ARE worth it. You do DESERVE to see what’s on the other side. You’re committed to doing whatever it takes to reach your dream. Want to know how??

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