A capsule collection of intuitively blended essential oils for emotional wellbeing and support.
Natural healing essences providing healing for the soul. 


This soul healing trinity, handcrafted in England, takes you on an uplifting journey with..


LIFT THE VEIL - can help with changing your perspective, awakening your intuition, tapping into your imagination, being seen and heard and supporting emotional honesty.


LIFT ME UP - supports the development of courage and cheer, self acceptance, self love, optimism and confidence. 


LIBERATE & ENLIGHTEN - encourages enlightenment, spiritual connection, integrity, liberation and joy.




Lift The Veil: Sweet Almond, Clary Sage, Lavender, Vanilla


Lift Me Up: Sweet Almond, Lime, Bergamot


Liberate & Enlighten: Sweet Almond, Melissa, Violet


Delight the senses and soothe the soul by massaging into the skin daily, using long smooth strokes.




This luxury, handcrafted trio (3 x 50ml) comes in a presentation box.


Soul Apothecary - Alchemical Soul Healing Elixirs