Are you feeling empty, alone and lost?  

Would you like to love living every day, feel fulfilled, at peace, on purpose and full of love?

Have you lost that va va voom.? are you beginning to wonder what your purpose is in this life? 

You don't feel fulfilled. You've tried changing jobs, your hair, your hobbies, but nothing seems to work. Your friends seem happy with the status quo. You? You're afraid time is ticking by and you're missing out. You feel so alone. Everyone seems to have it all sorted except you.


Fear and FOMO is getting in the way of JOY. Perhaps you've heard about this thing called the Law of Attraction and changing your mindset but you've no idea where to start or how to implement it. You feel stuck.

You want to have more confidence in yourself and learn how to apply the LOA. You want to take hold of the reins of your life and steer it in the path of your dreams.

You want to:

  • Wake up every day with a smile on your face.

  • Look forward to the day ahead and the doors that will open for you.

  • Have a new morning routine that you love and sets you up for the day.

  • Understand how powerful your thoughts are and why you need to consciously keep them in check.

  • Discover the true purpose of your life and continually manifest opportunities that are in alignment with your purpose.

  • Feel fulfilled every day and full of joy.

  • Feel calm and at peace knowing that everything is working out for your highest good.

  • Be in the best relationship you've ever been in.

  • Have a tribe of soul sisters who understand you and who become your ‘family’.

  • Feel supported, loved and at peace.


Then girl, you'd better get ready to RISE!!


RISE takes women who are lacking in purpose and confidence and shows them how to feel fulfilled every day by learning how they can connect with who they are on the inside. Teaching them how to use the power of their mind. How to seize the day, find their confidence, self belief and self worth. Showing them how to live a fulfilled life.


RISE clients go from feeling empty, alone and lost to loving every day, feeling fulfilled, at peace, on purpose and full of love.


The clients who get the best results have already realised that repeating the same stabs in the dark without guidance will return them to the same place. They’ve already reached the conclusion that fulfilment does not come from outside themselves or because of anyone else and they are prepared to do the work to get to where they want to be once and for all. They are 110% committed to working through the steps and showing up for themselves.




RISE is a 9 week program broken down into nine x one to one sessions with me, held online over Zoom. Each session is an hour to 90 mins long, depending on the session, with one session per week. 


You will learn: 

  • The power of meditation, journalling and gratitude. 

  • How to use your thoughts to create your future. 

  • How by releasing old patterns and beliefs you create space for new ones to grow. 

  • How important it is to rest and listen to your body. 

  • How to work with and not against the lunar cycle.




Week 1: going back to basics and releasing attachments. 

Week 2: identifying and releasing limiting beliefs. 

Week 3: creative journalling, manifestation and affirmations. 

Week 4: working out what you really want. 

Week 5: how to work with the lunar cycle to create ease and manifestation. 

Week 6: meditation and mudras - developing a connection to your higher self. 

Week 7: heart coherence - how to work with energy to manifest your intentions and visualisations. 

Week 8: creating your new Goddess routine, using your favourite techniques, including breathing practices 
and movement to start your day with high vibe energy and positivity. 

Week 9: how to use vision boards to keep you focussed and aligned moving forward.

Opportunity for any final questions or queries. 




  • Online yoga flow to unwind to. 

  • Recordings of each of our sessions together. 

  • A PDF to accompany each session that will become your Goddess Handbook. 

  • AND complete personal support from me via WhatsApp for the whole 9 weeks.

This isn't for you if you refuse to believe that you are responsible for your current situation or that you are capable of doing anything about it. This isn't for you if you complain a lot, if you want to continue to play the victim in life. This isn't for you if you want me to ‘fix’ you and to answer all of your problems and do the work for you.


However, this IS for you if you believe that there is a better life out there waiting for you. This IS for you if you are ready to take action. This IS for you if you have realised that repeating the same stabs in the dark without guidance will return you right back where you started. This IS for you if you understand that fulfilment does not come from outside yourself OR FROM ANYONE ELSE!


I hope so! I know you have a longing in your heart to find your true purpose. I know you want to feel confident every day and an equal to your peers. I know you want to feel proud of yourself and for your partner to feel proud of you. I know you want everyone to wonder what it is you’re doing to look so gorgeous and glowing! I know you want to reignite the spark in your relationship and for the sexy times to come back. I know you want to feel included and part of something special when you go out with the girls. I know you want to feel confident in yourself and for it to show. I know you want to feel like every day is a gift and to appreciate this beautiful glorious life, and I want to show you how you can achieve all of that and more.

Join the movement, discover your own beautiful, empowered Goddess hidden inside!!


Join RISE now and reach for the stars!



Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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