3 Month 1:1 IntensiveJourney of Self-Discovery



Have you ever wondered what’s standing in the way of living the life that you want?

Break the never-ending cycles and repeating patterns inherited from your ancestors. Redesign your life. Rewrite your belief system. Create your own reality and choose to live it consciously. Live the life you’ve always dreamt of. Be the most authentic you. Rediscover joy, self-love and passion for life!




















A few years back I found myself struggling to put my life back together after an emotional rollercoaster of a marriage had ended. Seven years of trying to make things right and keep it all together whilst we spiralled further into misery and unhappiness had only added fuel to my anxiety levels and I was finding it hard to function properly on a day to day basis.


I found solace in my yoga practice but I knew that it wasn’t enough. I needed to get to the bottom of why I kept repeating the same mistakes in my relationships and where my anxiety stemmed from. I knew I wanted to take my Reiki training to the next level so I signed up with a teacher I heard about in London. I felt at ease straight away and loved every minute of that day with her. She told me she was running a course the following year centered around shamanic healing and that I would be a good candidate for it. I signed up.


I loved every minute of the intensive weekends we spent learning and healing each other as a loving small group and the transformations I went through were life changing. I couldn’t always describe what had happened to me that weekend but I knew it was creating a deep and lasting change within. I learnt so much about myself and the beliefs I carried that weren’t my own, it was fascinating and bond breaking all at the same time.






















One of my biggest achievements was being able to re-write my story around relationships and am now in the most loving, rewarding, authentic partnership I have ever known. My anxiety is now my friend and only shows up when it’s trying to bring my attention to something I’m trying to ignore. I feel so passionately that we all have a choice how we live our lives, that I want to help others be free of their chains too.


Incorporating centuries old shamanic healing traditions from Peru, including an illumination process, soul retrieval, plant healing and rituals, this intensive 3 month programme is designed to delve deeply through all of your self-limiting beliefs and conditioning passed down through your ancestral DNA, allowing you to start to shed your layers to become your most authentic you.


Shamanic healing takes you underneath your conscious thoughts to the memories below, not always from this lifetime. In a safe and loving environment we explore where our beliefs or patterns have originated from and have the opportunity to hand them back and make new ones that better serve our future.


















This is for you if…


  • You have a desire to create your own future and a commitment to self study.

  • You can commit to a 3 month programme, which includes a minimum of 7 hours of intensive 1:1 healing.

  • You have the dedication to incorporate a daily meditation practice.

  • You are willing to be open and discuss any issues that come up via ongoing mentoring email support (for the duration of the programme).

  • You are ready to invest £899 in your future.



If you're tired of repeating the same mistakes and feeling trapped, call or email now to discover how this highly transformational journey can help you. Make today the day you take back your power and become who you are meant to be, I’d be honoured to share this journey with you.

Payments made in full by bank transfer will receive a 10% discount. Payment plans can also be arranged.


"I first started seeing Kitti 8 months ago. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew nothing about shamanic therapy but went with an open mind. I was at a very low point in my life but always left my sessions with Kitti feeling much more positive. I was surprised about how I felt during the sessions. It's something I can't even explain but it was very powerful. 

Now 6 months on I feel a lot more positive about my future and far more confident in myself. I would definitely recommend Kitti. If you are experiencing a difficult time in your life, maybe unsure about the future or just need to make a positive change, it is definitely something worth pursuing. 

I experienced unexpected feelings and emotions but always with a positive ending and a new outlook."

Gill, Rochester

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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