Founder Kitti Johnson, an entrepreneur, healer and yoga teacher, is the creatirix of Soul Apothecary. With an affinity for intuitive healing and a love of pure fragrance, Kitti takes a dual purpose approach to the pairing of botanicals.


From an early age Kitti began a love affair with perfume that continues to this day. She believes that each scent should not only evoke happy memories from times past but also provide a healing experience for the soul. Every fragrance is carefully curated to uplift or soothe the spirit and, when used with Soul Apothecary wellbeing oils, allow healing at a deep cellular level. 

Soul Apothecary was born at Kitti's dressing table during a time of her own personal healing journey. Having been creating her own essential oil blends for her personal use for some time and enjoying the benefits brought about by the healing oils, an idea took root. Why not channel the pursuit of emotional wellbeing and the love of fragrances that stir the senses into a unique wellbeing collection for both the body and the home. Each candle and soul healing elixir is handmade at the kitchen table and infused with love.

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