"Would like to thank Kitti for such an amazingly helpful 1:1 session over zoom..We had a 1 hour session and the outcome is incredible. Would highly recommend using the expertise and care that is provided by the Samadhi Sanctuary to support you with anything you may be struggling or grappling with. Worth putting an enquiry in if you are unsure or apprehensive, as I can assure you it will be worth it!" - Rachel

"Before working with Kitti I was at a very low point in my life. Kitti helped me to work through some repeating patterns and negative thoughts. I now feel a lot more positive about my future and far more confident in myself. I would definitely recommend Kitti." - Gill

"I recently went to Kitti’s 'Discover Yourself’ retreat. What can I say. It was absolutely beautiful! Kitti is welcoming and reassuring. I found the experiences relaxing and found the Essence exercise especially helpful. Thank you." - Charlotte

Before working with Kitti I knew I had some emotional ties from a past relationship that I wanted to break to enable me to move on with my life. Kitti provided a safe caring space for this to happen. I felt free to voice my thoughts and fears. It was a very powerful experience and I am now in a much more positive place." - Jane

"Before working with Kitti I was struggling with seeing a better life. One filled with less anger and resentment and one where I can be happy with myself and where I am. One where I was in control of my emotions. Most significantly Kitti helped me let go of all the anger and resentment I was carrying, and for the first time I felt able to breathe fully. She enabled me to see a light at the end of the tunnel and have more confidence in myself that I can create the life I truly want and find who I truly am. Since working with Kitti I am now able to recognise my emotions and have a tool box to be able to combat them. Especially my anxiety. I have much more confidence in myself and my decisions. I no longer feel such anger and injustice, it passes much quicker. I am generally much happier even through a very stressful few months."Melissa

"I have worked with Kitti on numerous occasions including one to one mentoring, healing and workshops. The flow and spirituality embodied into her practice brings a feeling of peace at the end of each session. Her authenticity, intuition and approach is inspirational. Take the first step and watch your journey unfold." - Sean

Kitti’s Stress & Anxiety Relief Retreat was absolutely wonderful! I’m left with a sense of peace, and inner energy to navigate through some changes in both myself and my life. Her welcoming but calm personage and thoughtfully put together explanations of various ‘coping techniques’ made for a truly great experience which I have learnt much from and will continue to use to keep myself balanced." - Claire

"Before seeing Kitti I had unresolved emotional issues. Kitti made me feel very relaxed and I learnt a great deal about myself. Since our time together my chronic hip pain has eased and I feel overall physically and emotionally better. I would highly recommend Kitti." - Victoria

"Thanks to Kitti I feel like have a purpose in life again. I know that I deserve to be happy and I have the tools and the determination to achieve the future that I dream of. I have a new sense of identity and direction with more focus on my needs and my happiness. I am finding myself again. From day one you made me feel completely at ease. I never felt judged or rushed in any way. I was particularly impressed by the sense of empathy that you transpire and the passion and dedication that you deliver in every session. You always made yourself available if I needed any support in between sessions or if I struggled with anything or just needed some moral support." - Anon