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The Triple Moon is used in many traditions to represent the Goddess. It shows the three phases of the moon - waxing, full and waning. It is also considered to represent all aspects of divine feminine power - intuition, creative energy and wisdom. 


The waxing moon is equivalent to the Maiden who symbolises purity and youth, the Full moon is equivalent to the Mother who symbolises fulfilment, power and fertility, while the waxing moon is equivalent to the Crone who has maturity and experience and stands for death and rebirth.


The Triple Moon as a whole symbolises birth, life and rebirth and also rules over the realms of heaven, earth and the underworld.

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The Triple Moon Healing Journey


Your Triple Moon Healing begins in your first session which starts with a warm herbal tea while I take some initial background story, followed by a hand massage with specially blended oils to relax the nervous system before the real work begins. 


The real magic happens in the session itself and as no two sessions are the same it’s hard to say what you will experience, but with a guiding hand I will lead you to where you need to go to unravel the stories you have kept deep inside that are preventing you from moving forwards in your life.


We wrap up our time together with a grounding tea while I give you your homework to complete  before we meet again to help to embed the work you have begun.


Session two and three starts and ends the same with any additional elements added should they be deemed necessary as part of your healing journey, for example, crystals to take away to support you or your own blend of essential oils to nurture your mind, body and soul.

The Triple Moon Healing sessions are intuitively guided to create a complete nurturing and transformational experience designed to empower and liberate your life.


Why 3 Sessions? 


As well as it’s ties to the Triple Moon and Goddess and therefore the relevance of your healing journey in terms of the phases of life, the number 3 also stands for growth and development and is therefore synonymous with strength, something that is required for change and transformation. 



Who is Triple Moon Healing for?


  • Anyone who has been trying for a long time to get to the bottom of an issue that has so far been unable to be solved by conventional methods.

  • Anyone who finds that despite lots of spiritual work on themselves there is still something they cannot shift.

  • Anyone who still feels stuck in a pattern of lost love, grief or resentment.

  • Anyone who has a general feeling that something isn’t quite right but they have no idea why.


This list is not exhaustive by any means. In my experience, if you feel intuitively drawn to the words on this page, even if you can’t explain why, then my guess is that The Triple Moon Healing sessions are exactly what you need.



Why choose The Triple Moon Healing Sessions?


The work we do in these sessions happens at a deeper level, therefore taking less sessions and therefore less time to experience transformation, therefore potentially saving you months of pain and angst. 


Triple Moon Healing is offered as a complete package. Your three sessions take as long as they take, without incurring any extra charge. Any suggested oil blends or crystals are also included in the package and are provided for you.





The Finer Points


The Triple Moon Healing Sessions consists of 3 in-person sessions with me. 

Each session lasts between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours. 

The overall fee for The Triple Moon Healing Sessions is £295 and must be paid in advance. 

In-person sessions are currently suspended due to covid-19. To join the waiting list, click the button below.