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Class Style

A 60 minute steady vinyasa flow that incorporates meditation and pranayama at the beginning of class. Our flow is inspired by the phases of the moon so that we are able to honour and work with our energy levels that are so intrinsically linked with our Lunar Goddess above. Savasana (corpse pose) is occasionally supported with the shamanic drum to allow a deep release of inner tension.

My Personal Practice 


I started practicing yoga about eleven years ago, initially as a form of exercise and then during a particularly stressful phase in my life, as a means to relieve high levels of anxiety. Yoga became such a big part of my life that in January 2017 I realised it was my purpose to be able to pass on the benefits of yoga to others. I trained as a 200hr Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher with Yogacara Global Teacher Training In October 2017 and have been teaching multiple weekly vinyasa yoga classes and monthly workshops ever since. 


Aside from my weekly classes I also taught at a local art college for the students there during term time and in two prisons for the inmates, both male and female which I feel very privileged to have done. I have run several retreats for anxiety and a workshop series on the chakras with my partner.

Teaching yoga and witnessing the development of my students is a privilege. I firmly believe in living yoga on a daily basis. What we learn on our mat doesn’t end there. 

Om shanti shanti shanti



Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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